George RiveronGeorge Riveron was born in 1972 in Holguin, Cuba.  He established himself in Miami (Florida, U.S.A.) in 2004. His passion for photography  started  very early in his life, when he was taking courses at the Fine Arts Academy of his hometown. Shortly thereafter he moved to Havana and continued his studies in that city, at the Instituto Superior de Arte (Advanced Institute for Fine Arts). A few years later he received a Bachelor of Arts degree from that institution, with a major in Cinema, Radio and TV Direction. Since his arrival to the U.S. he studied Professional Photography at the Photo Art Academy, Miami Campus (where later he was a professor) and at New York Institute of Photography. Riveron has also published several books of poetry. He considers that his creative experience as a poet has allowed him to give a special, meaningful background to many of his endeavors as a photographer. Some of his pictures have been chosen as covers of published books.

Also, he works as a web designer and publisher.


The eroticism is what in the conscience of the man it puts in question to the being.
George Bataille.

The photographic creations of George Riveron tend to an exposition of the erotic thing that is born of a body’s vision as vulnerable territory. Sometimes the body reaches landscape connotation because it has camouflaged himself with the natural space.
His photographs evoke past experiences, from a sort of catharsis or pure interior experience, a purifying inner experience, provoked by an external stimulus. And this external stimulus is what the artist “invents” to achieve the final result of his artistic work.
Even if the body appears solitary on a black background, we discover that this “solitude” comes accompanied with these memories that, sometimes, torment the author. The Riveron’s characters, sometimes quiet, sometimes moving, are always self-portraits.
Undoubtedly, the poetry flows from these photographs that George Riveron presents to us. And the fact is that so much his photographic work as well as his poetical work comes joined by an umbilical cord that feeds them. The metaphor is always present, the poem constructed from inside as exquisiteness anecdotal-visual detonator.

Vivian Velledel
Filmmaker and photographer.